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Cloud Solution for managing BEE Certificates

IFS developed a BEE solution for insurers to assist in the gathering and management of BEE certificates to comply with the new regulations that come into effect the 1st of December 2020. Insurers must be able to report on the commissions paid to brokers as well as their BEE ratings.

The solution enables service providers to register and submit BEE certificates to insurers as well as sending notifications to service providers regarding the termination date of valid certificates.

IFS is proud to announce that OMI is the first insurer that will make use of this service.

IFS acquires POC Technologies

IFS acquired Point of Care (POC) Technologies, a company specializing in analytics in the insurance industry. The methodology used has a strong actuarial approach. IFS is excited about this acquisition as it will broaden the services IFS takes to market and IFS will take over the existing clients.

This new analytics division within IFS will, as a minimum, be able to fast-track the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Accurate, up to date and complete information that allows executives and employees to make better decisions.
  • Reduced decision times leading to increased responsiveness.
  • Operational areas that are empowered with information and insight to reach their personal and divisional targets.